Honour to meet Elif Şafak

April 5, 2012

Thanks to my cosmopolitan friend & online marketing guru Justine Toms I had the pleasure and Honour to meet Elif Şafak in person during Mtel Media Masters 2012. Why writers write? Why readers read? Because fiction among all other benefits ‘breaks down boundaries’. You can watch Elif’s compelling speech here. After ‘Aşk‘ and  ‘The Bastard of Istanbul‘, ‘Honour’ is Şafak’s third book translated in Bulgarian.

Elif Şafak, 5 April 2012, Sofia

Media Masters 2010 and 2011.

11 Responses to “Honour to meet Elif Şafak”

  1. Vincent Says:

    Sound like it was a remarkable event. Great photo! Did u make it?

  2. Rayna Tzvetkova Says:

    Vincent, thanks for your comment. Yes, it was remarkable. Yes, I took the photo.

  3. Kamelia Says:

    Remarkable! Imagination as common grounds for human presence;Narratives and vocal culture as Ariadne’s thread;Technology transforming but preserving the voice

  4. Rayna Tzvetkova Says:

    Thanks, Kami. ‘Imagination is my suitcase’ as E. Shafak says. Mine is packed with ‘Honour’ these days.

  5. Nur Says:

    Honour – once you start reading it you can’t stop until the final page. Several intricate story lines.

  6. Rayna Tzvetkova Says:

    Fully agree. Over half-way through it already.

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  8. Beautiful photo indeed and how fortunate that had the opportunity to listen to the author speak. I have just finished reading her latest book ‘Honour’ and I wondered if I could use your photo (with a link here) in my blog post?

  9. Rayna Tzvetkova Says:

    Claire, sure you can use the photo. I was lucky to meet Elif last year in person and although my camera is not the best, I love this shot I took.

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