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October 5, 2017

I dedicate this post to an entrepreneur and oceanpreneur, known to many, as Uwe the Sailor.

“Ocean Nomad” is a guidebook that helps adventurous personalities go on an Atlantic Ocean Sailing Adventure! The book is full of insights:

  • How to catch a ride across the Atlantic;
  • How to contribute to a healthier ocean…

Find out more about the book and the author here >>>


Rosary of Happiness

September 28, 2017

There is always something fascinating about book launches. “Rosary of Happiness” [original title in Bulgarian: Броеница на щастието] is Ivet Lolova’s first book.

I have known Ivet for many years and what has always struck me about her, is her genuine human touch in everything she does. It is only after reading the book and her personal story, beautifully rendered there, that I knew where her strength and positivism come from.

“Happiness is unpredictable. It does not always appear during the holidays. Often, it appears unexpectedly, taps us on the shoulder and smiles at us … Make two wishes – one for you and one for the person next to you. Then both will come true.”

Interview with the author here in Bulgarian.

Bookstore on Wheels

September 1, 2017

I came across a Bookstore on Wheels during my recent trip to Zheravna and was fascinated by the idea – young people traveling the country with a bunch of quality contemporary Bulgarian literature books. The book I chose to buy was called “Summer” and I was lucky to get it signed by the author himself – Iliyan Lyubomirov.

“Summer”- Iliyan Lyubomirov

“when it rains
there is only
when I love
it rains”

May it be a never-ending summer!

“we are heavy
by much talking
let’s be silent
on another topic”

Above translations are mine.

Wishing Iliyan and the fascinating initiative many ardent readers.


Three Daughters of Eve

August 7, 2017

Another engaging book I couldn’t wait reading by Elif Şafak – Three Daughters of Eve – a book about identity, politics, religion and God, provocative and philosophical as most of her writing.

The sinner, the believer and the confused – there Muslim girls all with different views in a class about ‘understanding God’ at Oxford University. And an enigmatic and controversial professor who encourages students to express their opinions.

Peri back then in her childhood, Peri back then at Oxford and Peri back now in Istanbul. The unresolved issues from the past seem to haunt her (as they do all of us) until we find the right solution for them. “Three Daughters of Eve” and the story of each girl resonated deeply with me.

Mind on Maps

July 25, 2017

I have written about Mind Map Ninja Antti Halla previously and can’t help dropping a line again after reading his “Mind on Maps“. When a software engineer gets into the conceptual approach to mind mapping, you get to know how to structure your thoughts and the process of working with them. Mind mapping is a useful means to extend one’s ability to think.

It is astonishing to me how the word “mind” is present in both “mind mapping” and “mindfulness”. The former exclusively deals with focussing on the mind, the latter, however, deals with switching off the mind, and then I wonder why nobody calls it what it stands for – sensefulness actually 🙂

The big takeover for me from A. Halla’s book is to improve one’s ability to think methodically – finding similarities, differences, and relationships between things.

Once you explore the unchartered territories of your mind, they no longer look scary. Fantastic book written in a fascinating and very engaging way.

Feeding Anaconda

June 23, 2017

Anacondas are the largest snakes in the world known for the method they use to kill their prey – constriction. Same as the shade in all of us.

The author of “Feeding Anaconda” (in Bulgarian) – Janeta Stoykova is one of the most supporting people I have ever met, applying just the opposite method of constriction in every situation.

Her book about the (im)possible connection with oneself, all people of importance around us, and the world, is an incredible combination of philosophy and personal experiences told in a very engaging way.

“That is why I share with you some of my music… If it irritates your ears, maybe it is not for you or maybe … it is exactly the music you need.” As my personal Anaconda is insatiable, Janeta’s music (composition of words) is the sound my ears love to hear.