Mot à mot

April 23, 2014

SVInternational Book Day. And the presentation by the French Institute of the autobiographical book of Sylvie Vartan “Word by Word” (Mot à mot) that just came off print in Bulgaria.

Sylvie Vartan, the world famous  French singer of Bulgarian origin, who is a pleasure listening to when singing or reading her books.

A comme Aimer,

B comme Bulgarie,

C comme Concert,

D comme Dieu …

The Great Beauty

April 12, 2014

The Great Beauty (2013) – a movie about Rome, decadence, regrets. Superb performance, cinematography and music. A movie in which there is no real  ‘story’ but rather a series of episodes in the life of Jeb (in his own words: ‘not a misogynist, but a misanthrope’) after his 65th  birthday with many themes and threads woven through it.

The changes between scenes in a Roman setting are abrupt, leaving the viewer to fill the gaps.  A movie in which the music tells a lot while the characters are silent. Incredible shots of Rome. La grande bellezza.

Noah 4D

April 12, 2014

Watch “Noah” in 4D and get flooded with mostly unpleasant experiences – visual, auditory, tactile… The storyline was somehow inconsistent – neither following the Biblical story, nor standing well on its own. The performance, except for Anthony Hopkins’ brief appearances, was not much impressive. In a nutshell this movie felt like a soap opera for me.

Jules Pascin

April 11, 2014

Jules Pascin – a modernist French painter of Bulgarian origin whose exhibition traveled through major Bulgarian cities thanks to the French Institute, at the initiative of the French Embassy in Bulgaria. Hemingway’s ‘Movable Feast’ is a feast in itself, but his ‘With Pascin At the Dôme”, is a double one.


Jules Paskin, ‘Cinderella’



Webit, Climb it, Win it

April 9, 2014

webitWebit CEE Digital Summit today in Sofia was in a nutshell: abundant first hand digital information from Central & Eastern Europe top gurus in the industry, spectacular location and numerous surprises.

From 1,000+ attendees at Webit, only some 10 dared to climb the fun walls. I am happy to be Funtopia’s award-winner … for slowest climber though :-( … however winning  1-month VIC [Very Important Climber] card :-)  Festina lente!


Funtopia walls climbed!

Spring 2014

April 4, 2014

Spring 2014

Spring is so amazing with all colours and fragrances waking up. Botanists say that the ancient flower of magnolia has survived many geological events –  ice ages, mountain formations and continental drifts. Survival of the most delicate.

Dutch_TulipsAnd these tulips coming all along from the Netherlands. Nature as the greatest and most gifted painter.

Tulips in different cultures have different meanings – in Turkish culture it is a symbol of paradise on earth, while  in the Netherlands it represents the briefness of life. Nevertheless tulips everywhere are enjoyed as delightful garden plants.


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