The Elephant Collector

November 7, 2009

They come from different parts of the world

Figures of elephants in some cultures are believed to bring good luck.

Vanya_IvanovaVanya Ivanova is a graduate in Economics but her real passion is collecting elephants. I was bewildered to see over a hundred elephant souvenirs all around her place and each one with its own story she recalls with delight.

Best of luck with this post to all surfers by!


4 Responses to “The Elephant Collector”

  1. Eli Says:

    I also like elephants

  2. Victor Says:

    Now, how do we commentators congatulate you on your NAMEDAY?
    Happy blogging and lots of hyperlinks!
    (I have been preparing the article about Checagou, must be ready soon)

  3. Rayn@ Says:

    Dear Victor, creative people find a way – and via my blog indeed made my day. Thank you very much for the wonderful wishes.
    Look forward to the article and having you on my blog. Wishing you a great day and thanks again 🙂

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