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Guest author: V. Donkov – Chicago

November 18, 2009
Guest author: Victor Donkov
Chicago: the Onion Connection

Photo: Victor Donkov (Chicago, US, 2009)

A friend – Victor Donkov (on this photo) just came from a trip to Chicago, US. His brilliant story starts as a personal experience with a lively sense of humour, turns into a tourist information guide and ends before it gets worse and the onion rots ūüôā

Here is his full story with more photos (in pdf).

Narcissus and Goldmund

November 18, 2009

One of my favourite Hermann Hesse’s books is ‘Narcissus and Goldmund‘ – the thinker versus the artist.¬†Friends whose paths¬†part …¬†but years later circumstances bring together again.¬†Both the artist and the thinker¬†in search of themselves in different ways. A writing that relates to me in some profound way – the misleading names of the protagonists, the dualism all throughout the book… the search.