X-Mas Tram 2021

December 16, 2021

The x-mas tram in Bratislava is always a delight to all senses.

x-mas tram 2021

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And so is the wintery and snowy atmosphere around.


December 10, 2021

Discovering through the gift from my Secret Santa – a book on Slovakia – the word “LOVE” in the Slovak word for Slovakia – Slovensko! Lovely indeed!

I love Slovensko 🙂


November 22, 2021

Trnava – a place that I visit often – previous posts 1, and 2, but always find it charming. Some evening shots this time round.

Bukowski Bar

November 17, 2021

Quite iconic bar in Bratislava indeed – both Márquez & Joyce shots at Bukowski Bar were amazing!

Bukowski Bar, Bratislava


November 6, 2021

Rajka – a small village in Hungary, in the immediate vicinity of Bratislava. Kuria complex offers a mini zoo, pleasant stroll in nature and delicious Hungarian food.

T’Rakija & Martenica

October 23, 2021

Unique Bulgarian rhythms, performed by the amazing Hungarian band T’Rakija and Martenica Folk Dance Ensemble – Brno – 23 Oct. 2021. Hearty people, lively & vibrant atmosphere!