Amuse Bouche

March 18, 2016

Sushi class with Chef Nikolov at Amuse Bouche Culinary School (Sofia) is indeed an exciting emotion. Sharing the experience of cooking while learning new pleasures for the mouth – that is what amuse bouche means in French  :-) Bon appetit!

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Chef Nikolov opening soon Niko’las – O°/360° – stay tuned!

Dieu et moi

March 16, 2016

Jacqueline Harpman’s “Dieu et moi” – a bit unusual book – for the language, the setting and the psychoanalytic element in it. The story does not seek to convert a non-believer into a believer or vice versa. The Belgian writer and psychoanalyst offers a reflection on a very human feeling: fear of extinction.

Mission Mama

March 15, 2016

JTWhat better co-author, jointly with Bogdana Trifonova, of a book titled “Mission Mama” (in Bulgarian) than Justine Toms – mother of 3, entrepreneur, university lecturer in Online Marketing, blogger and lately among other things – an urban gardener.

I have known Justine for 10+ years now and what always have impressed me about her is her passion for sharing – be it information, experience, home-made meal or lately flowers and seeds planted in her own garden.

And now on the topic of Mission Mama:-)

The sound of pi

March 14, 2016

π – the sound of pi – divine:-)

The Brand New Testament

March 9, 2016

The Brand New Testament (2015) – not a divine eye-opener but definitely a movie that makes you laugh though the laughter get stuck in your throat at times. Desperation and hope, comedy and drama – all in one. Knowing one’s life’s length – a good or bad idea – the films gives some insights. The story was intriguing for me in the beginning, however the end was a bit disappointing. Belgians’ sense of self-mockery is remarkable.

St. Athanasius Monastery

March 4, 2016

St_Atanasii_1Saint Athanasius Monastery  (Bulgarian: „Свети Атанасий“) is the oldest active monastery in Europe, founded by Athanasius of Alexandria in 344.

It is located close to the village of Zlatna livada , Stara Zagora Region in Bulgaria. A quiet and tranquil place in the middle of the field with a near-by rock chapel in which the Saint is believed to have lived. A saint much revered both in the Roman Catholic and in the Eastern Orthodox Churches.


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