2014 – @ look back

December 24, 2014

2014 – @ look back

2014 – Work-wise I am always happy – as Winston Churchill said: “if you find a job you love, you’ll never work again”.

My 2014 pro bono projects, I am proud of:

  • Volunteer at WordCamp Europe 2014
  • Website development of Groupama International Meeting – Istanbul 2014 (*)

Here is the 3-minute movie from the Istanbul memorable event and the 2-minute clip with which the Bulgarian team participated. More info here >>>

From left to right: top: C. Bolard, CEO; G. Spassova, Bank Assurance; R. Tzvetkova, Corporate Communications, V. Valchev, Actuarial Service; below: T. Minchev, CFO; K. Hristov, Insurance Operations, P. Peychev, Software Development & photo courtesy – 20 November 2014 Gala Dinner - Saphire Restaurant, Istanbul

20 November 2014 Gala Dinner – Saphire Restaurant, Istanbul, photo courtesy: Peycho Peychev

On the photo from left to right: top: Celine Bolard, CEO; Galina Spassova, Bank Assurance; Rayna Tzvetkova, Corporate Communications, Veselin Valchev, Actuarial Service; below: Tihomir Minchev, CFO; Krasimir Hristov, Insurance Operations, Peycho Peychev, Software Development

As to what else I enjoy doing – it is all in my English or French blogs 🙂 Happy 2015!

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