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A bit(e)

February 6, 2009

A bit(e) - 'Your Place'

Thesaurus defines ‘gastronome’ as ‘epicure’. Just learnt that etymologically, the word ‘gastronomy’ is derived from Ancient Greek meaning ‘stomach’, and ‘knowledge’ or ‘law’. The latter confuses me a bit, but a bit of a bite never does.


Your Place

July 4, 2008

Your Place restaurant, located in the very heart of Sofia (5, Stara Planina Str. Reservations: 087 817 53 43) has become My Place. Stylish, quiet & cosy atmosphere, exquisite international cuisine, personal care by the artistic chef. Things make a difference here…and it doesn’t go without saying – they have WiFi  – my blog was set up there J

Photo: Archive Your Place

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