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Guest author – Tomás G. Muñoz

July 12, 2008

In life we meet people, from some of whom we learn a lot. Tomás G. Muñoz, a man of versatile interests, is an intriguing personality – a banker, a short stories writer, an encyclopedic conversationalist.  Below entry on freedom is his special contribution for my blog.

‘What I love and hate the most is related to freedom, which is the right to express one´s individuality. Along this line, I have no love lost for that monstruosity called “political correctness,” whereby the “politically-correct ” people are bent on imposing upon you what to say and how to say it. Unfortunately for them, as they cannot invade people´s minds, they may intimidate the oral and writing processes, but never, the thinking one -that sacrosanct realm of individuality.’  Tomás G. Muñoz , 12 July 2008, Marbella , Spain