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The Seven Rila Lakes

September 1, 2009

Some(one’s) photos … some memories of climbing the Seven Rila Lakes … that was enough for me to pack & go again.
Rila was mysteriously veiled by misty clouds today but that was only enhancing its beauty & grandeur.


1 Sept'09 - The Seven Rila Lakes

1_Sept_2009_Rila_2Indeed unique forms1_Sept_09_Rila_3one just has to see them … to believe … or … wonder.

Unique forms

August 31, 2009

Rila_B_GanevaThe Seven Rila Lakes – each a wonder with its unique form and all a spectacular sight from the very top. Rila_Lakes_1The lake I can’t take my eyes off is The Eye.

No matter where one looks – up or down – there are peculiar forms all around. Photos: Boryana Ganeva