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Twitter in the Ayazmo

May 4, 2009

Ayazmo in Bulgarian means water spring. In the town of Stara Zagora (some 2 ½ hours away from Sofia) there is an 1_st_zagora2Ayazmo Park which in spring time (just love the many meanings of spring) is uniquely transformed in multitude of colours and sounds.

Here twittering is genuine and relaxing. Spring twitter springs.

Beer Museum

January 17, 2009

Still inexplicable to me as I wrote on the occasion of my 10,000 visitor, ‘beer ‘ continues to be among the top search terms to my blog. This week I came across that a Museum to Beer (Zagorka’s Museum) is to display how beer is made, photos & other objects related to brewery’s history – all that coming soon in the cheerful Bulgarian city of Stara  Zagora. Weekend cheers 🙂