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Orhan Pamuk in Bulgaria

May 18, 2011

Orhan Pamuk’s visit to Bulgaria (18 May 2011). Not his first one though. The Sofia University hall – full to the roof. Sofia looking familiar.  Some of the issues discussed – identities, happiness, solitude, loss – as rendered in his books and in the eyes of Orhan – the human being. The closeness of Bulgaria and Turkey, and the edge of Europe. The Arabic Spring – recent events in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria … prejudices broken and people getting the democracy they deserve. 

Writers and solitude. Solitude triggering the imagination. His “New Life” is among my favourite books. The real Museum of Innocence is still worked on. Memories – in objects & experiences. And in a shot 🙂

A Museum … & Time

September 29, 2009

Love reading Orhan Paumuk for the elaborate thoughts and multiple plots. ‘Museum of Innocence‘ was no exception. A Museum in which Time disappears. Have to see it some time. I wonder if Time really matters after reading this book.

Museum of Innocence

August 31, 2008

Thanks to Smiling  just found out that Orhan Pamuk’s latest novel The Museum of Innocence has been released yesterday in Turkish. I am currently enjoying ‘The Black Book’ in English, so as a fan of him, look forward to his latest.

New Life

July 21, 2008

I wonder if we perceive things differently in different languages. Most of Orhan Pamuk (My Name is Red, Snow [Nobel-prize winner], The White Castle, New Life …) I read in Bulgarian. Istanbul – in English. Intricate and sophisticated. I wonder how Pamuk’s masterpieces read in the original  – a language challenge for linguists – beginner learners. Benim adım Kırmızı değil. Benim adım Rayn@ … Sizin adınız ne?