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April twittering – chirrup 2

April 11, 2009


I find chirping & twittering around sweet & colourful, so twee … tweeApril twittering continued. 

Chirp … again in forward chronological order.

11th. reMINDer: Ajabez charity concert: tonight at 21:00 hrs. Join & enjoy the noble cause.

12th. flowers_day2 On Palm Sunday, among other reasons to rejoice, people whose names in Bulgaria have a reference to flowers (e.g. Violet, Rose, etc), plants, trees … celebrate a name day. It’s so flowery all around. The Orthodox Easter is a week away. Others are already celebrating it.
H a p p y    H o l i d a y !


Teen Nicole

13th. 13-year-old Nicole Lazarova was among the youngest teenagers participating in the first Teen Insight in Sofia. She shares it was joy, fun & quite a learning experience. Made lots of new friends & says it was a different experience – one that makes a difference 🙂

14th. Some people when they win, they win for two. Such is the case of my 14 Feb’09 award-winner lora1 Lora Martinova. Lora is PhD in Economics and I’m ready to bet she could easily defend a thesis along the lines of the comment she left here. The predominant aspect of her HAS (Hogan Assessment System) profile – learning approach and ambition…


Ted Adams

15th. They say ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. I’d say my neighbour’s hobby keeps any nap away. Ted Adams composes rock music and enjoys it, so do neighbours but only when it is complete.  Here is a sample to listen.