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November 27, 2010

“So I feel connected to every language in a different way” Elif Şafak‘s words from the compelling 20-minute video clip, on fiction and not only, made me remember my admiration for the unique Turkish word “aşk” [love] which is only used for “love” of that one special person one loves and not for god, parents or family. Languages, thoughts, words, feelings … fiction, reality – “Aşk” is already on my reading list.

Love as hexagon or …

May 7, 2009

In ‘Natalia’ Antonio Gómez Rufo imagines love as a regular hexagon, consisting of physical attraction, intellectual attraction, passion, sadness, altruism and egoism. That is the ideal love. But often the ideal love turns into an irregular hexagon … How does the hexagon look if passion increases, for example … love visualized & pondered upon in diagrams…


Just before posting this I came across this one-minute clip …on Love … get up the nerve (via A different view.