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Swifter than Desire

April 30, 2011

Swift as Desire‘ read actually swifter than desire for the power of words in it. “Desires and words go hand in hand … they are moved by the same intention to join together, to communicate, to establish bridges between people, whether they are spoken or written.” (Laura Esquivel). Magically enchanting reading that reads without leaving it for a second. Just as a desire.

Swift as Desire

April 27, 2011

Laura Esquivel’s first visit to Bulgaria as a guest of honour to M-Tel Media Masters award ceremony (27 April 2011)  was hotter than ‘Like Water for Chocolate’Can’t wait to start reading my copy of her ‘Swift as Desire‘ (Tan veloz como el deseo).

More on the award ceremony at the blogs – here and here (in Bulgarian) of one of the honorable jury members –  Justine Toms.

Like Water for Chocolate

February 22, 2009

The magic writing of Laura Esquivel reads Like Water for Chocolate. The story is interwoven with delicious Mexican recipes – one almost tastes the delicacies throughout the book. Some say that ‘Love path to men’s heart passes through stomach’. Wonder if it is absolutely or relatively true.