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Waves, winds, tracks

June 5, 2010

The latest book of Jorge Bucay translated in Bulgarian ‘Loving Oneself With Open Eyes’ was not up to my expectations. However, one reference on life from windsurfers’ techniques, namely the waves determining the way forward for the surfer rather than intentions, made me consider some ways (in the sense of tracks) I follow. Waves, winds, tracks …

Letters for Claudia

October 22, 2009

After ‘Let me Tell You’  and ‘Stories for Thought‘ the third book of Jorge Bucay‘s translated in Bulgarian ‘Letters for Claudia’ made me a bit bemused, maybe as a result of the gestalt psychotherapy approach in the writing. I don’t have to be bemused, I choose, decide and wish to be amused.

Stories for Thought

February 11, 2009

Jorge Bucay‘s second book translated in Bulgarian ‘Stories for Thought’ [Cuentos para pensar] had the same impact on me as ‘Let Me Tell You ‘ – awakening … , as the subtitle of the former suggests. Some of the stories are well familiar, but what makes the difference is the author’s twist and context. ‘What is, is…I am as I am…You are as you are…To be happy means to have the confidence you are on the right track’. A lot still to reflect on…and act to get on to the right track.

Let Me Tell You

January 15, 2009

Some books I re-read, some I think I will. With Jorge Bucay ‘s ‘Let Me Tell You’ (Déjame que te cuente – 2002) I was impatient to get to the final sentence and as soon as there, I immediately got back to some of the stories for their enjoyable reading … and therapeutic effect.