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Decoding dodging

November 17, 2008

A while ago I was surprised by some HBS Working Knowledge findings on research into dodging and conversational blindness. Today there is more on the topic of Decoding the Artful Sidestep which astonishes me no less: that "at least in part, people value style over substance because the style blinds us to the lack of substance". It is striking (and annoying) that people fail to punish the dodger. Can’t wait for the follow-up – what steps can be taken.

On dodging

October 21, 2008

Among a number of findings, what struck me is that listeners seem to prefer speakers who answer the wrong question well over those who answer the right question poorly – research into conversational blindness from HBS Working Knowledge.  What happens when people try to ‘dodge’ a question, why some dodges are successful and others are not…interesting and useful to know.