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14 Feb – win for 2

January 14, 2009

The winner of my New Year’s Gift – Petia Popova from ACE HR Services (HAS assessment representative for Bulgaria) excited by her luck decided to ‘pay it forward’. She offers 2 free personality assessment tests on the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day.

How to participate for the award: Reply here by 02:00 h on 14 Feb’09 in English or Bulgarian sharing your thoughts or favourite quote(s) on the topic of Love.


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What is the award/reward: 2 VIP cards with username & password activated for an online test + interpretation of it. Whoever wins, wins the 2 cards (for his/her partner or friend).

Who would win: On 14 Feb’09 at 14:00 h the winner will be announced here, contacted & introduced to Petia by e-mail. The formulae by which the winner will be determined are saved in a draft here & a hard copy – given to Petia in a sealed envelope. The 3 formulae are based on: a) if particpants are up to 3; b) if participants are up to 10; c) if participants are above 10. As the the first participant cannot win but counts as a vote, I take the first comment myself. Now, it’s your turn to win for 2!