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April 10, 2012

Elif Şafak’s Honour – different backgrounds, cultures and values marvellously intertwined. A story that stretches over several generations between a village on the edge of the Euphrates, London and the Far East makes the reader fully empathic with every single character. Twins and their destinies. Parents and their children’s views of the world. A novel in which everything happens for a reason. Honour and its interpretations. Love and its manifestations. Powerfully provoking.

Honour to meet Elif Şafak

April 5, 2012

Thanks to my cosmopolitan friend & online marketing guru Justine Toms I had the pleasure and Honour to meet Elif Şafak in person during Mtel Media Masters 2012. Why writers write? Why readers read? Because fiction among all other benefits ‘breaks down boundaries’. You can watch Elif’s compelling speech here. After ‘Aşk‘ and  ‘The Bastard of Istanbul‘, ‘Honour’ is Şafak’s third book translated in Bulgarian.

Elif Şafak, 5 April 2012, Sofia

Media Masters 2010 and 2011.

The Bastard of Istanbul

January 4, 2012

‘The Bastard of Istanbul’, the second book of Elif Şafak I read all in a breath, tells an intricate story of several generations of both Turkish and Armenian descent over a span of almost a century since 1915. Unforgettable female fictional characters as proxies that tell a story and at the same time make a political statement. “Whatever falls from the sky above, thou shall not curse it. That includes the rain.”


November 27, 2010

“So I feel connected to every language in a different way” Elif Şafak‘s words from the compelling 20-minute video clip, on fiction and not only, made me remember my admiration for the unique Turkish word “aşk” [love] which is only used for “love” of that one special person one loves and not for god, parents or family. Languages, thoughts, words, feelings … fiction, reality – “Aşk” is already on my reading list.