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Gadgets: Rayn@

February 18, 2009

Via Elenko & Velqn [in Bulgarian], I also join the mega information wave Gadgets/Gears [Такъми] – devices I use on a weekly [daily, even hourly]  basis and why them. Now that the ball is in my blog, here are mine …  meme:

1) My laptop – see 2 below  (for the same reasons).

2) A BlackBerry device – how would I otherwise blog when travelling … (as a beginner in the field, my enthusiasm curve is still … in an upward trend  🙂



3) My coffee cup(S) – how could I otherwise start my day (not a gear, but a gadget) – vital for my daily life 🙂

<- And this big cup (left) which when not full of coffee can be used as a vase…


Half a cup 🙂

… or should I feel only as half a cup of coffee (right) I have the right gadget for it ->

ball_meJustine, Darkeve, Val – join if you wish. That is to say, get the ball  🙂 whoops … the meme.