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Orhan Pamuk in Bulgaria

May 18, 2011

Orhan Pamuk’s visit to Bulgaria (18 May 2011). Not his first one though. The Sofia University hall – full to the roof. Sofia looking familiar.  Some of the issues discussed – identities, happiness, solitude, loss – as rendered in his books and in the eyes of Orhan – the human being. The closeness of Bulgaria and Turkey, and the edge of Europe. The Arabic Spring – recent events in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria … prejudices broken and people getting the democracy they deserve. 

Writers and solitude. Solitude triggering the imagination. His “New Life” is among my favourite books. The real Museum of Innocence is still worked on. Memories – in objects & experiences. And in a shot 🙂

April 11, 2011 – communication consultancies and trainings, Speed Networking & Speed Dating events (Bulgaria).
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Six Thinking Hats

May 17, 2010

‘Almost anything can be simplified further.’ – Dr. Edward de Bono – upcoming in Bulgaria.

The Six Thinking Hats

White – what are the facts?
Red – emotions, gut reaction;
Black – logic identifying flaws;
Yellow – logic identifying benefits;
Green – creativity, seeing where a thought goes;
Blue – thinking about thinking;

My all-shades-papaya one needs re-newal and re-viewal 🙂

Image Six Thinking Hats via: Luc Gallopin


September 28, 2009

28_09_2009_HouseSunny day. Impromptu visit to the peaceful town of Pazardzhik. A 1931 house, bearing the family emblem of Georgi Koev (1883-1970) a lawyer and a man of versatile activities with an interesting biography told by his grandson named after him.

28_09_2009_ChurchThe 1837-built Renaissance-style Church of the Theotokos should not be missed for its architecture and unique wood-carvings of New and Old Testament scenes.

There is more to enjoy around the serene and relaxing streets.

Children’s Day

June 1, 2009

Childrens_Day_1In Bulgaria Children’s Day is celebrated today. To all little and big kids best wishes with this fabulous Bulgarian children’s  S O N G  “Детство мое”

Karin Dom

January 30, 2009

karin_dom Karin Dom is a Centre for Children with Special Needs in Varna, Bulgaria. It operates on private donations and EU-funded projects.

Herald Tribune in a recent article tells Karin Dom’s story: ‘In Bulgaria, a day care center for disabled children excels’. Support at Karin Dom is always appreciated. For more information and contacts: