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Same Time, Last Year

July 2, 2009

Same Time, Last Year. Cheer(s)ful to say today: ‘Le blog c’est moi’. On this principle blogging with tolerable consistency for a year.

A glipmse as of today: visits: 31,500+; posts: 350+; Google Page Rank: 4 (4/10), HubSpot’s Grade: 84 (84/100). And many beers for cheers to: ‘Same Time, Next Year’.


Photo: Hermann

Reflections: By a sheer coincidence these days a friend sent this photo from India. I chose it for my blog’s anniversary, as it somehow relates to me blogging – what is seen overwater and reflections underneath… True, sometimes things assemble into that form of unity. This blog rolls on.

Thanks to ALL for surfing by & sharing comments. Last but not least to Velqn  – my Guru.

1st of April :-)

April 1, 2009

1st of April – thinking on the Liar paradox. Epimenides, a Cretan, reportedly stated:’The Cretans are always liars’ – the paradox is often considered equivalent or interchangeable with the liar paradox, but they are not the same. The liar paradox is a statement that cannot consistently be true or false, while Epimenides’ statement is simply false, as long as there exists at least one Cretan who sometimes tells the truth’. (Wikipedia)

Thanks to D. Boshnakova for above cartoon.

My Abacus shows this

February 28, 2009

Image: Stockxpert

A quick glance back as to how I’ve been posting over the past months as total entries as of today are: 254 – Feb’09 being my record high (41) with not a single day without minumum a post, Jan’09 (31),  Dec’08 (26), Nov’08 (24), Oct’08 (33), Sept’08 (30), Aug’08 (34), Jul’08 (35). Total views as of today just a click away from 20,000.

The origins of the Abacus are buried deep in the history of mankind. This calculating device is believed to be of Babylonian origin. Handy & useful nowadays, too 🙂

Vanity (f)air

February 28, 2009

Had fun thinking how my blog’s card should look like. So:


🙂 ... (-:

Layout & Print: Plamen Nedelchev (tel:+359 888 389 887)

Gadgets: Rayn@

February 18, 2009

Via Elenko & Velqn [in Bulgarian], I also join the mega information wave Gadgets/Gears [Такъми] – devices I use on a weekly [daily, even hourly]  basis and why them. Now that the ball is in my blog, here are mine …  meme:

1) My laptop – see 2 below  (for the same reasons).

2) A BlackBerry device – how would I otherwise blog when travelling … (as a beginner in the field, my enthusiasm curve is still … in an upward trend  🙂



3) My coffee cup(S) – how could I otherwise start my day (not a gear, but a gadget) – vital for my daily life 🙂

<- And this big cup (left) which when not full of coffee can be used as a vase…


Half a cup 🙂

… or should I feel only as half a cup of coffee (right) I have the right gadget for it ->

ball_meJustine, Darkeve, Val – join if you wish. That is to say, get the ball  🙂 whoops … the meme.

Snow & Santa Claus’ blog

November 22, 2008

santa_claus_stockxpertsnow_22_11_2008Waking up on a Saturday morning & seeing everything in white around is thrilling – winter’s already here, Santa Claus is coming soon. Quick hot picture, hot coffee & a hot topic – Santa Claus’ blog (in Bulgarian) is up & running again.