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Beer Pongers

October 17, 2009

Beer_Pong_17_10_2009Sofia – Beer Pong – it was as fun as it sounded.

Some seem Dian_Pozitano_Bgto be born beer-pongers…or maybe beer just runs in their veins. Irina_Bacheva_2Whatever – it was fun … and splash. On the photos: (right) Deyan Savov- organiser of the event and beer pong champion  and (left) Irina Bacheva born beer ponger 🙂

Pong … Splash … Cheers!

Beer Pong – Sofia

October 14, 2009

Beer Pong tournament Sofia – 17-18 October’09, starting at 16:00 hrs at Internet Cafe ‘’ (20, Pozitano Str). The more a team loses in the game, the more beer it has to drink – not a bad deal for beer lovers 🙂 More information at tel: +359 88 4252538 or