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On ‘art’ & ‘change’

February 27, 2009

Surfing through the Blogosphere two posts caught my attention: Kaladan’s ‘Change as Inspiration’ (in Bulgarian)

‘You see things in life
And you’re bit surprise what you see
Life, your whole life, is changes…’ Back and Forth (Uncle)

…       …       … and Yasen Vassilev’s on art: …
–  association rather than logic …
–  symbol rather than metaphor…
–  mystery rather than reality…’ (to the full text in Bulgarian)

Between the lines, I find both ‘change’ & ‘art’ inspirational.

In vino veritas

February 20, 2009

boyan_in_vino_veritas I met Boyan Donev years ago through his graphics. His art fascinates me. ‘In vino veritas’ (the Latin phrase means “in wine is the truth”) is among my favourite. The phrase suggests that one tends to reveal one’s true feelings under the influence of wine. Does the artist suggest the same? Or more and beyond…