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Same Time, Last Year

July 2, 2009

Same Time, Last Year. Cheer(s)ful to say today: ‘Le blog c’est moi’. On this principle blogging with tolerable consistency for a year.

A glipmse as of today: visits: 31,500+; posts: 350+; Google Page Rank: 4 (4/10), HubSpot’s Grade: 84 (84/100). And many beers for cheers to: ‘Same Time, Next Year’.


Photo: Hermann

Reflections: By a sheer coincidence these days a friend sent this photo from India. I chose it for my blog’s anniversary, as it somehow relates to me blogging – what is seen overwater and reflections underneath… True, sometimes things assemble into that form of unity. This blog rolls on.

Thanks to ALL for surfing by & sharing comments. Last but not least to Velqn  – my Guru.