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This Wonderful Alice & Wonderland:-)

June 1, 2011

On the occasion of the children’s day, I am delighted to have Alice as a visiting author here. The Alice from the Other Wonderland, 4 years old last year, impressed me with her singing skills then and this year with her painting gift 🙂

Author: Alice, 5 years old (2011)

Thanks, Alice and Happy Holiday to you and all kids!

Update: 18:00 hrs. – Google logo was childishly fun today.


Guest author: V. Donkov – Chicago

November 18, 2009
Guest author: Victor Donkov
Chicago: the Onion Connection

Photo: Victor Donkov (Chicago, US, 2009)

A friend – Victor Donkov (on this photo) just came from a trip to Chicago, US. His brilliant story starts as a personal experience with a lively sense of humour, turns into a tourist information guide and ends before it gets worse and the onion rots 🙂

Here is his full story with more photos (in pdf).

Guest authors – E. & L. Ganevi

September 30, 2009

Tryavna_3Tryavna and the region around were a wish-to-do destination recently, but friends made the trip there instead. I invited them to share in a nutshell their impressions and some photos. Welcome to guest author – Elena Ganeva

Tryavna_1Tryavna – an incredibly beautiful mountain town … The picturesque square with the clock tower, Tryavna_2the bumpy bridge, the craftsmen street … all these make you feel as if in a fairy-tale. Very Bulgarian, very clean…(un)real.

Photos: Ljubomir Ganev

Guest author – H. Kranzl

September 16, 2009

Spotlight_BlogA friend, fan of Leonard Cohen, attended his concert in Belgrade earlier this month. I invited him to share his impressions. Appreciation to guest contributor – Hermann Kranzl (cc)  text & link to ‘Closing Time’ (live)

21st century pilgrimage

The profane hall is dimmed,
the determined time fulfilled,
the multiple set of expectations
laid out to retrieve –
when the verses are recited,
the music is resounding,
and the light comes in
through the cracks of the mind.
Beyond the horizons of a concert,
attendant of Leonard Cohen
performing in his voice,
a spiritual experience is created.
The experience of a pilgrimage,
a pilgrimage with universal destinations,
and a prophet bending his knees
at the end of the songs.
Under cover of an atmosphere
tuned with mutual human respect,
human respect that in essence
is transcending the limits of reality,
leaving no one behind
in command of the consequences.
Leonard Cohen’s concert,
it came as a letter,
thoughtful and handwritten,
and duly signed:
“Sincerely, L. Cohen”
Belgrade, Sept. 2nd 2009

Guest author – Tomás G. Muñoz

July 12, 2008

In life we meet people, from some of whom we learn a lot. Tomás G. Muñoz, a man of versatile interests, is an intriguing personality – a banker, a short stories writer, an encyclopedic conversationalist.  Below entry on freedom is his special contribution for my blog.

‘What I love and hate the most is related to freedom, which is the right to express one´s individuality. Along this line, I have no love lost for that monstruosity called “political correctness,” whereby the “politically-correct ” people are bent on imposing upon you what to say and how to say it. Unfortunately for them, as they cannot invade people´s minds, they may intimidate the oral and writing processes, but never, the thinking one -that sacrosanct realm of individuality.’  Tomás G. Muñoz , 12 July 2008, Marbella , Spain