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Hronský Beňadik

September 14, 2018

Hronský Beňadik is best known for the Benedictine abbey, founded in 1075 under the name “Monasterium Ecclesia Sancti Benedicti”. The church of the monastery contains valuable works of art – a Madonna sculpture from the 14th century, a wall-painting presenting the legend of St. George, a spectacular altar.

Hronský Beňadik, September 2018


With canoes on the Danube

August 21, 2018

What an experiencing – canoeing as a catamaran from Hainburg to Bratislava on the Danube. Excellent beaches along the ride and the confluence of the Morava River into the Danube in the vicinity of the Devín castle, is simply awesome. At one point you see both Devín and Bratislava castles. Magnificent! A few more shots >>>


August 19, 2018

Šamorín, a charming Slovak town 15 kilometers southeast of Bratislava, located on the Danubian flat on Žitný island (the biggest river island in Europe). The name of the town is derived from the patron saint of the local church Sancta Maria. The X-bionic sphere out there is also worth a visit.

Bomb shelter

August 18, 2018

Spotted a bomb shelter, where you can have tea in literally an aMAZ(E)ing atmosphere. In the vicinity of Zichy Palace. 9, Venturska str. Bratislava.


August 15, 2018

Marianka, the oldest pilgrimage site in Slovakia and the first pilgrimage route dedicated to Virgin Mary in the area of the former Hungarian Kingdom, is a sacred place to spend a day around. The Gothic style church with later Baroque additions, all the chapels around and the beautiful nature make one feel like in heaven. Happy holiday to all, today!

To my Marianka album >>>


August 12, 2018

The Slovak Bora Bora  in Senec (only 20 mins away from Bratislava) is indeed a cool spot in the summer heat! They call them the Sunny Lakes. Sunny indeed!