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Lying on the Couch

October 2, 2022

Irvin Yalom’s “Lying on the Couch”, was another of his intriguing books I read fully absorbed with the thoughts and feelings of all the characters. The amazing thing about this book for me were the numerous linguistic elements intricately chosen, starting from the title and the play on words of “lie” and “lay” in the […]


Creatures of a Day

January 11, 2016

Irvin Yalom’s “Creatures of a Day”deals with issues such as what makes life worth living, what we can do to lead meaningful lives. The human soul and its pains, confusions and hope and the inevitable end. My personal preference from all the books by him I have read so far are the ones in which […]

The Gift of Therapy

April 16, 2015

Irwin Yalom’s ‘The Gift of Therapy’ – an open letter to professional therapists sharing his 45 years of experience, is naturally different from his novels on Nietzsche, Spinoza and Schopenhauer. A book full of practical advise on inter-cultural relations and abundance of references to world-famous writers. Camus’ quote on the biggest difficulty one faces  – giving up […]

When Nietzsche Wept

April 1, 2014

After his novels on Schopenhauer and Spinoza, Irwin Yalom’s ‘When Nietzsche Wept‘ was another intriguing gem. Reading the great thinker’s ideas in a different context – fictional encounter between Nietzsche and Breuer – appeals to readers interested in both philosophy and psychology. ‘Did you live your life or were you lived by it? Did you choose […]

The Spinoza Problem

March 15, 2014

After the ‘The Schopenhauer Cure’, ‘The Spinoza Problem‘ by Irvin Yalom, was not less absorbing. Alternating between Golden Age Amsterdam and the life of Spinoza, and Nazi Germany and the inner struggles of Rosenberg, the novel deals with the best and the worst in human nature. It involves the reader in pondering over life’s meaning, God, death, community […]

The Schopenhauer Cure

March 9, 2014

The Schopenhauer Cure by Irvin Yalom is a most intriguing psychological novel which in dynamic dialogue form raises existential questions through Schopenhauer’s philosophy. An exploration of philosophy and humanity, the book is an absorbing journey from disconnection to connection. The dynamics of the group therapy are very gripping while the Schopenhauer life story is beyond fascinating. A real […]