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Summer time

May 31, 2022

Summer time has been the best time for this blog taking a break! Enjoy the sunshine! And smell the roses!

Summer blog vacation 2022



TED Talk – Frederik Imbo

May 30, 2022

In this TED Talk Frederik Imbo dwells on how not to take things personally. I loved the 2 strategies he touches upon:

  • It is not about you.
  • It is about you.

Your value does not decrease because of someone’s inability to see your worth.

Cirku l’art

May 29, 2022

Circus is a combination of art and magic – for kids and adults alike. The beautiful Castle Park in Stupava (near Bratislava), which hosted Cirku l’art (27-29 May 2022) was fun for people of all ages. All the tricks happening right in front of one’s eyes, as well as, the stunning acrobatic performances bring sweet memories of childhood days. 



May 24, 2022

Mikulčice-Valy is an archaeological site from the times of the Great Moravian Empire. The place is associated with the activities of Saints Cyril and Methodius – the two brothers who devised the Glagolitic alphabet and translated the Holy Books in Old Church Slavonik.

The Cyrillic alphabet was developed and formalized by the early disciples of Cyril and Methodius in the Preslav Literary School, the most important early literary and cultural centre of the First Bulgarian Empire.

Clair de Lune

May 12, 2022

Clair de Lune (in Bulgarian) is an amazing novel by the amazing Justine Toms about the Armenian genocide, the atrocities of the communist regime and the strength of the human spirit. The plot engulfs you – you read and cry, and can’t leave the book until you finish the final page.

Nothing is forgotten.

No one is forgotten.

Chapeau, Justine!


Light Festival Sofia

May 6, 2022

Light Festival Sofia – 6 – 9 May 2022

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