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St. Petka Church, Sofia

March 31, 2021

The yard of St. Petka Church in Sofia houses an incredible outdoor icon exhibition and two more chapels: one of St. Ekaterina (on the left) and of St. Tsar Boris (on the right). It is exactly here that a family of storks returns every year with an amazing place for their nest – on top of the roof of St. Petka Church.

Vladaya monastery

March 29, 2021

St. Petka Vladaya monastery at the foot of the Vitosha mountain dates back to the 12 century. Recently reconstructed, it is an excellent place for a mountain walk any time, as it is in the outskirts of Sofia.


March 27, 2021

Driving through the Lozen village near Sofia during the weekend, we came across an icon of St. Zlata, who is often depicted in traditional folklore costume. St. Atanasius Church, Lozen. On the way back Vrana Park is worth stopping by. Album here >>>

Covid-20 – sci-fi short film

March 23, 2021

Getting involved with the arts, one way or another, seems to run in the family. Like mother, like daughter. I met Titi (Tatiana Hristova) some 15+ years ago when she was a little kid. Now delighted to see her as an assistant producer & director of this sci-fi short film (9+minutes) set in the near future. Spooky at times, optimistic at others – it is great to see a young crew come up with an amazing and relevant idea. 

Around Kjustendil

March 3, 2021

Amazing places in the Osogovo mouuntain around Kjustendil. Kadin Bridge near Nevestino, St. Luke monastery, Roman baths and a sequoia forest– all in a day.

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