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September 22, 2019

Below cross-shaped flower was spotted around the Orthodox St. Nicholas church on Castle Hill in Bratislava. Google’s search by image says it is a kind of clover. Nature’s intricacies and serendipities seem endless. Good luck!


Bratislava Zoo

September 21, 2019

Me & Other Animals Bratislava Zoo & Dino Park, home to over 175 animal species. 900 animals in total, including many rare and endangered species such as: white lions, white tigers, snowy owls and many others, and DinoPark, featuring moving life-sized sculptures of dinosaurs…just makes one’s day!

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September 17, 2019

Culture podcast

Music is everywhere. Justine Toms’ ArtCast with Dimitar Pishev, actor, musician. Listen to it in Bulgarian on:

Best of luck to this fabulous cause in support of culture!


September 15, 2019

What can you expect at Cosmos – nothing less than a cosmic experience.  Exclusive drinks, gastronomic tastes and stylized Alexander Tsekoff music – all wonderfully cosmic!

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September 8, 2019

Slovenia – what an amazing country! A population of about 2+ million on about 20,000+ square kilometers of charming landscapes. Despite the gloomy weather in the Julian Alps, the captivating Postojna Cave, charming Ljubljana and Lake Bled, are places one gets fascinated by.

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Plitvické jazerá

September 2, 2019

Amazing 50 shades of turquoise beauty at Plitvické jazerá, Croatia. A chain of 16 terraced lakes, joined by waterfalls, that extend into a limestone canyon. Incredible beauty!

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And a few shots of charming Night Zagreb >>>