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What is really real?

June 28, 2019

In Science vs God Bryan Enderle (MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering; MA in Theology and holder of 2 BS degrees) discusses the intersection of theology and science. The faster one goes, the slower time goes; the point at the speed of light where time no longer progresses (life outside of time) – all these mind-boggling analogies sound so reasonable. “What is really real?”


June 23, 2019

Charming places around Lake Balaton are worth the visit even in gloomy weather. Hévíz and Keszthely feel like fairy tales, while nearby Zalavár (previous Blatnograd), which provided hospitality to the brothers Cyril and Methodius, is known as one of the centers that spread the knowledge of the Slavonic script.

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On being human

June 22, 2019

In the TED Talk “12 Truths I learnt from life and writing” Anne Lamott dives into the nuances of being a human who lives in a confusing, beautiful, emotional world. On the meaning of God [the “gift of desperation”], life, death and more…

Learning to live and to love without counting the cost, without reasons and assurances that nothing will be lost. Kate Bowler reexamining her perspective on the “prosperity gospel” >>>

Salzburg & Wolfgangsee

June 2, 2019

Salzburg [Salt Castle] – a charming Alps town where primarily music geniuses seem to get born, to name a few: Amadeus Mozart, Herbert von Karajan, Franz Gruber, the man who composed and wrote the text for “Silent Night”. The spectacular scenery top down in Salzburg and down up from Wolfgang Lake is simply awesome.

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