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10 km hike through Hainburg history

March 24, 2019

When Spring comes in full bloom and the sunshine bathes everything with silver rays and warmth, a 10 kilometer hike through Hainburg history feels like magic. The views from the Hainburg castle (built in 1050) and the hill across, are just spectacular. Worth the sweat up!

To My Green Hat Heinburg Hike Album 2019

Pavel Filgas Art

March 21, 2019

Pencil and ink drawing with coffee coloring – what a cool technique! Walking around the Old Town of Bratislava one can come across the Czech artist Pavel Filgas making these fascinating drawings. Less is indeed more, as the artist’s philosophy goes. Pavel’s paintings can be bought online >>>

Pavel Filgas Art


March 18, 2019

Jane Otima

Some women are amazing, combining successful careers with raising kids by themselves – in Jane’s case 8 – own and adopted.

Jane is also running one the toughest marathons in the world – Safaricom Marathon, Kenya.

The marathon is run at 5,550 ft (1691+ meters above sea level) through wildlife conservancies and it aims to raise funds for numerous community development and wildlife efforts.

Chapeau, Jane! And best of luck!

High Tatras Weekend

March 11, 2019

Travelling around the High Tatras in Slovakia feels fantastic. A lot to see and enjoy: spectacular scenery, cosy Alpine architecture, charming towns and villages. A few shots:

What’s where in Bratislava

March 1, 2019

A few useful sites what’s on when and where in Bratislava:

  • City Life Bratislava >>>
  • Calendar of Events Bratislava >>>
  • Eventland >>>
  • Church services >>>