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Linguistic diversity

February 25, 2019

Linguistic diversity reveals to us just how ingenious and flexible the human mind is. In Kuuk Thaayorre, they don’t use words like “left” and “right,” and instead, everything is in cardinal directions: north, south, east and west. With 7,000 languages spoken around the world, the number of cognitive universes is remarkable. TED Talk: Lera Boroditsky: How language shapes the way we think >>>

The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd

February 10, 2019

The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd” – a movie about the tough choices we make along the way. It feels like a psychological drama at times, a combination of a thriller and a romantic comedy at others. The minimal mise-en-scene and the natural acting makes the movie an enjoyable watch that leaves you with a number of questions to ponder over at the end…

Galeria Hotel

February 9, 2019

Galeria Hotel in Bratislava, known also as hotel of beauty youth creative consciousness, is an amazing looking building. Walking randomly around on a gray gloomy day, all these colours and crazy quilt patches make you feel like in a fairy tale.

Gallery Hotel, Bratislava


February 3, 2019

Beckov, a medieval Slovakian town, the earliest written reference of which date back to 940. The Beckov Castle being its dominant feature. A gloomy weather does not take away from its charm.


February 3, 2019

Walking around Trenčín, Slovakia (photos here), one of the three oldest Slovak towns, on a rainy day makes the experience with the medieval castle – founded during the Great Moravian era, a surrealistic one.


February 2, 2019

Klosterneuburg, a small town, almost a suburb of Wien, offers a superb weekend visit. The spectacular monastery and church, the picturesque town streets, the sun on a winter day … delight to the eyes. To my Klosterneuburg album >>>

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