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October 29, 2018

A fairy tale place not only for kids, but for adults, too. Bibiana – an interactive gallery institution in Bratislava supporting the development of illustration works for children and literature in Slovakia and abroad. Knowledge, books, interactions – learning through play and having fun.

Czechoslovakia 100

October 28, 2018

I find Google’s regional Doodles always inspiring. The 100th anniversary from the creation of Czechoslovakia in 1918  (the Czechs struggling against their Austrian rulers and the Slovaks against the  Hungarian ones) is a good occasion for celebrating together.

Kafka in virtual reality

October 25, 2018

Being Gregor Samsa from Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” in virtual reality was an amazing experience at Goethe Institute in Bratislava. It made me think of all these non-virtual realities around us and the numerous virtual ones in our minds.

The term Kafkaesque has entered the vernacular to describe unnecessarily complicated and frustrating experiences, especially with bureaucracy. Noah Tavlin explains this comprehensibly in a 5-minute TED-Ed video.

What’s your creative type? Quiz

October 22, 2018

If you take Mega Wagner’s Quiz: What’s your creative type? you will find out what drives you, what your deepest motivations are and how to achieve your full creative potential. I turned out:

Game Changer

which goes with smashing conventions, encountering a fair amount of criticism and rejection … In most cases it was worth it.

Music weekend

October 21, 2018

Different genres of music transform the mind into different spaces. After the serene Etudes of the Future of vibrant Wien, Sunday was emotional with Juan Polvillo’s Experiencia Flamenca (Teatro Wüstenrot). Some music genres are about technique, others about emotion. All touching the soul in different ways. Hola!

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, music must be in the ear of the listener.

Etudes of the Future

October 20, 2018

Music that creates spaces … Different than the known ones. Etudes of the Future. Genesis Orchestra, Bulgaria, Maestro: Yordan Kamdzhalov, Choir: Music Laboratory of Man, premiere 20 October 2018 at Musikverein, Wien. Sounds that speak for themselves …