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Google Jobs: Disrupting The Recruiting Market?

May 27, 2017

I finally came across something I have been discussing lately here and there with friends and HR professionals – the need for disrupting the recruiting market and I just came across this article on the topic I fully agree with: Google Jobs: Disrupting The Recruiting Market?

The average open position receives more than 150 resumes, more than 45% of candidates never hear anything back from the employer … and employers tell that 20-25% of their candidates don’t turn out to be a good long term fit…

“The entire program Google has undertaken has the potential to drive economic growth, personal career growth, and business productivity for almost everyone.” Read on >>>

Sushi All You Can Eat

May 24, 2017

If you love sushi – the place in Sofia that offers All You Can Eat is Silhouette. Nice atmosphere, both indoor and outdoor tables, delicious sushi and a chameleon [they translate as “lions of the ground”] that changes his colour with your every sip of sake 😉


Painting with Light

May 21, 2017

Painting with Light during the Night of Museums 2017 – Sofia – a joint initiative of the Centre for Non-formal Education and Cultural Activities and the National Polytechnic Museum. And me – in my traditional role with the halo 😉 The light in, out and around painted.


Istanbul Remix

May 13, 2017

Some tunes just enchant you. This one sounded dĂ©jĂ  entendu. Shazam-ing it and I knew why. Serendipity  – the place, the rhythm – a magic mix. Istanbul Remix.

Perfect Strangers

May 8, 2017

Perfect Strangers (2016) – a very spicy and tasty Italian movie. Paolo Genovese remarkably confronts us with the idea if we want to know our friends by the face they show us or by the face they do not. An intriguing but somewhat unusual dinner: long-lasting friends decide to place their mobile phones on the table and whatever arrives (texts, WhatsApp messages, calls) they would share it with the others … In the movie (as is often the case in life) one is confronted with the indecipherability of the human soul. The finale is somehow double-edged with an unexpected turn. An outstanding movie – cast, cinematography, plot.

How to be a Latin Lover

May 7, 2017

Some movies, despite their relaxed plot, get you to the point about the truly valuable things in life. In How to be a Latin Lover (2017) – Salma Hayek (Sara) was a delight to watch. And so was Eugenio Derbez – her crazy brother (Maximo) who found himself dumped after 25 years of marriage. A marriage that was also a career for him. The movie was somewhat simplistic, but not a bad idea for a lazy rainy Sunday afternoon.