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March 27, 2017

Flaticon  – the largest search engine of free icons in the world – vectorial and editable Founded in 2013 after the great success of the startup Freepik.
Icon courtesy: Gregor Cresnar

Coworking Jelly

March 17, 2017

I could not make it for the opening of Coworking Bansko, but here I am for their Coworking Jelly – a casual working event where people of various backgrounds come together to work for the day. And I am much impressed with the atmosphere those three have already created! Try this amazing place yourself! Read on about Coworking Bansko >>>

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And the co-fun never stops!

Literature Club “Перото”

March 15, 2017

Some places are my places – so is Literature Club “Перото” [the Pen] – a library, a book store, an ideal place for digital nomads or remote workers. And their coffee is delicious – even the fortune cookies come with a quote from a Bulgarian author. Their tea cups are my cup of tea 🙂 Fantabulous sums it up!

My cup of tea 🙂

Unique atmosphere! And unconventional events sometimes!


Fairs are fair …

March 14, 2017

Colourful and crowded. The JobTiger one – 14-15 March – Sofia – was definitely so – over 120 companies attending and various searchers from all walks of life – students, media, bloggers… A friend of mine – running the blog with the cool title “Finding a job is as challenging as finding a life partner” invited me. And since I have interest in HR innovation lately, there I popped. The three coolest branding ideas that impressed me most:

  • Above blogger K. Stoykova, as Overgas‘ Face-in-Hole HR 🙂
  • Consulting made Easy 🙂  Easy Consult
  • EYThe Importance of Being Earnest, Young and yellow 🙂

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Belgaria Duo

March 12, 2017

The very unconventional acoustic cello & accordion concert of Belgaria Duo – Magdalena Petrovich (cello) & Robbrecht Van Cauwenberghe (accordion) in Sofia on 11 March 2017 was a spectacular show in a very unique environment – the Literature Club “Перото”. The performance of the popular Bulgarian song “Katerino mome” thrilled the audience. Encores on and on … Bravo!

Click to listen to “Katerino mome” performance – J. Toms live


March 11, 2017

This blog is for things that impress me and some do so on a large scale. Many say they do things differently, however those who indeed do so, walk the talk – step by step! Or rather click by click.

I came across ElevenYellow a couple of days ago. Opening their site I felt like a child reading one of those books with several ending options where somewhere around page 11 you had to decide which route to take. In those books I usually got lost somewhere on page 22. But read them on or backwards 🙂

The terminal rocks – it’s quick: online marketing & tools for digital nomads. My cup of wine! I found that out again backwards, as in the children’s books from my childhood. Try it yourself! >

I love this play! Have to figure out what’s behind the name – why Eleven, why Yellow? As in the above books [post to be cont’d] if my choice of route on row 11 did not get me out of the book … whoops … the play. Post dated: Eleven March – 11:11 🙂