Coworking Bansko

December 15, 2016

It is the people behind any cause that make a difference and turn any endeavour into a worthwhile initiative. And for digital nomads, Internet speed, among other things, is of vital importance – please, see below. Those three – a Bulgarian, German and Austrian – just started a digital nomad hotspot in one of the prime ski resorts in Europe – Bansko, Bulgaria.


From left to right: Irina Pandeva, Matthias Zeitler, Uwe Allgäuer

Bulgaria has one of the fastest and most reliable Internet connections and a co-worker’s comment sums it up perfectly: “Someone please explain how a small mountain town in Bulgaria (pop. ~8000) can have Internet that’s 4-5 times faster than some of the best in Kuala Lumpur (pop. ~7,200,000).” Read on about this mountain gem Coworking Bansko here >>>


I was happy to be part of Co-working Camp 2016 in Turkey and build the mini site for the event while

Getting work done in the winter sun! 


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