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Countdown to 2017!

December 23, 2016

In expectation of Santa and the holidays, the smell of cinnamon & ginger around, x-mas lights & glittering snow – I love all these in this season! And the New 2  🙂 1 7 – just a few ticks away – GMT+2!


My owlsome 🙂 2016 x-mas cookies

War and Peace

December 22, 2016

I could not imagine Tolstoy’s monumental work in 6 one-hour episodes, but BBC’s adaptation of “War and Peace” (2016) is marvelous.  The acting, the set design, the costume design – everything is superb. And Paul Dano – the best count Bezukhov one can imagine. A must see before, instead or after reading the book.

Coworking Bansko

December 15, 2016

It is the people behind any cause that make a difference and turn any endeavour into a worthwhile initiative. And for digital nomads, Internet speed, among other things, is of vital importance – please, see below. Those three – a Bulgarian, German and Austrian – just started a digital nomad hotspot in one of the prime ski resorts in Europe – Bansko, Bulgaria.


From left to right: Irina Pandeva, Matthias Zeitler, Uwe Allgäuer

Bulgaria has one of the fastest and most reliable Internet connections and a co-worker’s comment sums it up perfectly: “Someone please explain how a small mountain town in Bulgaria (pop. ~8000) can have Internet that’s 4-5 times faster than some of the best in Kuala Lumpur (pop. ~7,200,000).” Read on about this mountain gem Coworking Bansko here >>>


I was happy to be part of Co-working Camp 2016 in Turkey and build the mini site for the event while

Getting work done in the winter sun! 

Mind Map Ninja

December 12, 2016

When facing challenges – in life and/or work – someone who can help us better navigate through our thoughts is an invaluable gift. And what better personal coach than one who is passionate about programming and building software prototypes for thinking and learning. This particular coach could be literally anywhere in the world – Antti Halla is a digital nomad. There is a lot information about most of the things he does on his personal website.

Yes, I know personally a mind map ninja. I have worked with Antti on a few personal issues and he helped me get out of my old thinking habits. Can’t wait for his “Mind on Maps” book coming out shortly. Read on about the book here >>>


Antti Halla

Café Society

December 4, 2016

CafĂ© Society (2016) – another very Woody Allen movie – lovely visuals and most charming performances. The setting – 1930s, Hollywood and New York sketched in art deco lines. Life and its agenda. And melancholy bubbling up all along despite its comedy genre. “Life is a comedy, written by a sadistic comedy writer.”