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Workshop of Mixed Feelings

May 29, 2016

Bulgarian author Racho Burov‘s “Workshop of Mixed Feelings” [original title: Работилница за смесени чувства] is a great read – intriguing short stories with unexpected end. Whatever the issue – complicated family relations, extraterrestrial visits or anything you name it, each story is a challenge to the mind and the emotions of the reader.


Darkness and Light

May 25, 2016

There  are over 4,500 underground formations in Bulgaria, each with its own beauty. Visiting 2 very different ones in a day – Saeva Hole and Prohodna (aka the Eyes of God). The former is completely underground, the latter has two equal-sized holes in the ceiling in its middle chamber letting a lot of natural light in. The beauty of Darkness and Light in 2 shots!

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Night of Museums

May 21, 2016

The Night of Museums – an initiative started back in 1997 in Berlin. Etymologically the word ‘museum’ was a seat or shrine of the Muses. Bulgaria is also taking part. May being a wonderful time of the year for late night museum hopping.


21 May 2016 Night of Museums, Sofia

Wondrous Boccaccio

May 8, 2016

My expectations from Taviani Brothers “Wondrous Boccaccio” (2015) movie were somehow different. True that the modern world is facing numerous plagues, specifically spiritual and economic, so the idea of a new “Decameron” is meant ‘to connect with the idea of escaping the ailments of contemporary society through the power of storytelling and love.’ However the parallel between the 14th century and today seemed somehow distant to me. Brilliant acting.

Sakız Sardunya

May 7, 2016

Bub_FlowerElif Şafak’s “Sakız Sardunya” – a fairy tale for 7+ years olds but as a fan of hers, I loved going into this fun world. A book about a smart young girl named after a flower who dislikes her name. And her incredible journey. “Some of her friends were alone, others – unhappy. Some wanted to become doctors, others – architects…”

Sakız knows:”In books there is place for all.”

Easter 2016

May 1, 2016

Easter dates differ because of the different calendars – Gregorian (Catholic) or Julian (Orthodox) used. But that’s not the point of this post, as culture and customs are often family or location specific. The point is about the message in this superb performance of Patriarch Neophyte of Bulgaria.