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On hats, hijab and diversity

May 28, 2015

Yassmin Abdel-Magied in a fabulous TED Talk on unconscious bias as a prevalent factor driving culture, causing us all to make assumptions based on our own upbringings and influences. Yassmin wears many hats, including a hijab. She’s a mechanical engineer, writer and activist who campaigns for tolerance and diversity. Watch here >>> What does my headscarf mean to you?


May 25, 2015

Possibilian ‘Our ignorance of the cosmos is too vast to commit to atheism, and yet we know too much to commit to a particular religion.’ David Eagleman


Source: NASA

Try Adzuna’s new app

May 22, 2015

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A new app by Adzuna can tell you how much you are worth just by looking at your CV.

Andrew Hunter, who co-founded Adzuna, said that it took them about a year to build the technology.

Trying the tool – good to know 🙂

Check for yourself

3 Key Rooms

May 21, 2015

3 Key Rooms – what a 3 key 🙂 tricky adventure – locked in a real life-escape game and trying to find a way out. Our team of 4 enthusiastic explorers was locked up for 60 minutes and our minds were challenged and eventually blown out 😉 Time is indeed precious. Waste it wisely in this 3key world!

Spotted at 3 key rooms - Sofia

Spotted at 3 key rooms – Sofia

More about this unique experience /in Bulgarian/ in Justine’s blog and by Wikipedian Vassia Atanassova

Protected: My ideal WP

May 20, 2015

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May 18, 2015

The ANUBHUTI performance tonight in Sofia based on Bharathanatyam – one of the most popular classical dances of India – was an incredible spiritual journey. A delight to all senses. No matter in which part of the world people are, music’s effects on the body, mind and soul are remarkable.

Click here for a sample of the performance

Click here for a sample of the performance