When Nietzsche Wept

April 1, 2014

After his novels on Schopenhauer and Spinoza, Irwin Yalom’s ‘When Nietzsche Wept‘ was another intriguing gem. Reading the great thinker’s ideas in a different context – fictional encounter between Nietzsche and Breuer – appeals to readers interested in both philosophy and psychology.

‘Did you live your life or were you lived by it? Did you choose it or did it choose you?’ … questions we all sometimes ponder over. A novel about the confrontation and avoidance of one’s greatest fears and weaknesses. And inner struggles.

One Response to “When Nietzsche Wept”

  1. […] therapists sharing his 45 years of experience, is naturally different from his novels on Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and Spinoza.  A book full of practical advise on inter-cultural relations and […]

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