150 days thousands chant ‘Resign’

November 10, 2013

150 days on end thousands protest in Bulgaria against ‘mafia’ government.  Since the end of October, students at Sofia University barricaded themselves in and declared they would not be moved until the government resigned. “Students invoke spirit of ’68 in fight to rid Bulgaria of corruption” (Independent)


Occupy Sofia University, 24 years later, 10 November 2013

2 Responses to “150 days thousands chant ‘Resign’”

  1. H. Bart Says:

    Bulgarians protest against government policy
    Their actions are part of a five-month-old anti-government movement that accuses its leaders of having ties with shady businessmen… (AlJazeera)

  2. Veran Says:

    Bulgarian students protest to demand government resignation

    Sunday’s “March of Justice”, the latest in a series of student protests including sit-ins at universities, called for the government to resign.

    University professors and teachers issued a statement condemning the “lies and ‘tycoonisation’ of the political and social environment”. The protests are supported by 60 percent of Bulgarians … Reuters

    Bulgaria protests: Students lock up Sofia university
    One banner, seen by Reuters news agency, read “Your time is up! 24 years of false transition is enough”, referring to administrations since the end of communist rule in 1989. Other banners read “Down with the mafia” and “We stay, you emigrate”… BBC

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