June 19, 2013

Days on end thousands of people from all ages and walks of life in Bulgaria are on protest longing  for corruption-free governments and dignified life. What caused the protests, what is the appeal and how the streets look like – video. May hope and love triumph. ‘But have not love, it profits me nothing’ /1 Cor. 13:3/. #ДАНСwithMe [Dance with me]. With Love. #BulgariaExists (CNN)


Photo courtesy: via Boyan Yurukov, click for DW


5 Responses to “#ДАНСwithMe”

  1. Hans Says:

    CNN Resign is the chant.
    The Economist Yet another early election?
    The Gurdian The spirit of protest in Brazil and Turkey has now swept into Bulgaria
    The New York Times After Political Appointment in Bulgaria, Rage Boils Over
    Washington Post Middle-class rage sparks protest movements in Turkey, Brazil, Bulgaria and beyond.

  2. Celia Says:

    Le Figaro Depuis deux semaines, des milliers de manifestants demandent la démission du gouvernement.
    Il Punto Buona parte dell’attuale classe politica bulgara è considerata da una larga fetta della popolazione come un’oligarchia in cui regna la corruzione e in cui gli interessi personali vengono anteposti a quelli del Paese.

  3. Julia Mann Says:

    AlJazeera – A new face for European dissent, Julian Popov

    BBC: The French and German ambassadors made a joint statement criticising the government. The president says he has lost confidence in it. The US, British and other ambassadors are busy behind the scenes. There is disquiet in Brussels …

    AlJazeera – Bulgarian Twitter chat with The Stream

  4. Vera Says:

    Afetr forty days of peaceful demonstrations against the Socialist-led coalition government of Plamen Orecharski, tensions on Sofia’s Independence Square rose sharply on July 23rd …Economist

    As a thank you to the German Ambassador, the demonstrators recreated the Fall of the Wall of 1989. Together with the French Ambassador, the ambassador had published an article in one of Bulgaria’s largest newspapers, in which both diplomats openly expressed their sympathy with the protesters, who gathered in their thousands every evening in Sofia and denounced the government as a “Mafia”…Press Europe

    The mass protests across Bulgaria stand out from the civil unrest currently sweeping the world: they are thankfully non-violent; goal-based (rather than cause-based such as the Occupy movement) and they are have a form of decentralised leadership…Huffington Post

    Bulgaria’s prime minister pledged on Friday to stay in power despite daily street protests demanding his resignation, but said his government’s lack of broad public support would delay major reforms that the Balkan nation needs…Reuters

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