Taxim Gezi

June 2, 2013

Following with sadness via the BBC website, social media and Wikipedia  what’s going on these days in Istanbul, I wish the charming city returns to its peaceful atmosphere soon. My favourite authors – E. Shafak and O. Pamuk on the events.


Taxim Gezi Park


2 Responses to “Taxim Gezi”

  1. Thanks for the links, my impression especially so soon after reading Pamuk’s memoir, that he is of that generation that embraces melancholy, it is the younger more idealistic generation who will embrace activism and insist on consultation and change.

    Shafak’s article is comprehensive and her point about there not being a viable opposition, no doubt a catalyst to the nation’s frustration. I don’t know enough to understand whether it is even possible to create a viable alternative, but that it seems must be the long term solution.

    I hope that things improve, especially with the opportunity to host an Olympics and the boost to the economy that the country could receive if there is more consultation with citizens.

  2. Rayna Says:

    Thanks for sharing your views, Claire. I do hope things improve soon out there both in the short and long run.

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