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Flower Colour Palette

April 28, 2013

My garden colour flower palette. Flowers. Artists. In just a few words…whoops colours…whoops…flowers – Happy Holiday!


Flowerful & Colourful 🙂

John – the son of the thunder

April 20, 2013

The performance of Association for Christian Art “The Musical” (in Bulgarian) of ‘John – the son of the thunder’ was stunning. They say life is not a waiting room. What are we doing and why are we here? Looking for a way out of this train station called life, where everyone leaves when his train comes and the secret of it all being hidden beyond the yellow line.

The Flea Palace

April 15, 2013

Elif Şafak’s “The Flea Palace” – a fanciful book with cinematic elements about a bunch of different people who all live in the same building, each persona representing different aspects of Istanbul. A slightly different slow-paced narrative from her other books I read so far, but what all share in common is the engaging presence of the author.

“Not only places but also people, animals, even moments had colours each of which, she had no doubt she could see if focused fully. She did so once again. At first with curiosity, then with frustration, she stared and stared without a blink at the silhouette of the city in front of her until her eyes watered and the image became blurred.” Dominant colour of the book – the colour of sorrow.

Chucho ValdĂ©s in Sofia 2013

April 10, 2013

The best of Latino jazz pianist Chucho ValdĂ©s & The Afro-Cuban Messengers in Sofia – 9 April 2013 was spectacular.

Rhythm, atmosphere, passion – it was all in the air.

Big thanks to my art guardian angel.

13 words for W + 2

April 9, 2013

I wondered what to expect from Dessi Boshnakova‘s ‘13 stories for W + 2‘ (in Bulgarian) and couldn’t wait to find out what, where and who prompted her in writing this book. So in a nutshell these are witty stories about wonders, winters, wings and much more, all beautifully wrapped up.

There are exactly 13 Ws above and + 2 here – a most enjoyable wondrous book worth reading. Cheers!


The World through the Window of Dessi’s Words


April 7, 2013

Just bright, right?

Just thought of how close the spelling of the words right’ and ‘bright’ is. The right approaches / people / situations are usually bright, so are the bright ones – they are usually right. Brightfully right and rightfully bright. b|right!