White elephant

November 20, 2012

Taking the tusk for the elephant.

An elephant, an elephant, a kingdom for my elephant.

Just thought of the English idiom ‘white elephant’…

Image via: Elephant Parade

3 Responses to “White elephant”

  1. Lin Says:

    Elephants in Eastern cultures are believed to bring good luck.

  2. Lin Says:

    I also thought you may enjoy this Terry Pratchett quote: “When millions of tons of angry elephant come spinning through the sky, and there was no one there to hear it, does it – philosopically speaking – make a noise?”

  3. Rayna Says:

    Thanks, Lin: @your comment 1 – yes, I know, have a few around 🙂 @ your comment 2 – philosopically speaking – a good thinking point 🙂 Thanks for both!

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