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November 20, 2011

When I saw this drawing of a home, it reminded me that when I was a kid I would draw home like that. Sunshine and smoke out of the chimney. External warmth, internal warmth –  my symbols for homeliness and cosines.

The purpose of a symbol is to communicate meaning. Symbols… Home, sweet home.

The 1,000th comment here

November 18, 2011

Following fellow-blogger Mike Ramm’s best practice to give a gift on the occasion of any thousandth comment in his blog, as the 1,000th comment in my blog was posted today, a small diary will go to Orlin Baev as a gift– to keep track of time (the 1,000th comment posted In Time). Congratulations! And thanks to all surfers by!

1,000 comments and counting ...

In Time

November 18, 2011

In Time” – a fantasy movie which somehow at some levels though is not that far from reality in terms of time/money allegory. Time as money. Time as the ultimate and only currency. At 25 people stop aging, but are programmed to live only one more year. Living forever or day-to-day. Wasting one’s or someone else’s time. A movie that raises several controversial issues.

I am I plus my circumstances

November 14, 2011

“I am I plus my circumstances” – José Ortega y Gasset  – there is no me without things and things are nothing without me: “I” (human being) can not be detached from “my circumstance” (world). “Fate gives us an inexorable repertory of determinate possibilities, that is, it gives us different destinies. We accept fate and within it we choose one destiny.”

Berries in the sunshine

November 13, 2011

So real that it looks almost unreal – red berries among the ice on a sunny afternoon up in the maintain.

Berries, sunshine & ice - Nov. 2011

Social Media Tools

November 11, 2011

Every year my library enriches with another book by Justine Toms. Her latest – “Social Media Tools” – in co-authorship with Kamelia Georgieva – was launched tonight – on the remarkable date 11/11/11.

I couldn’t help browsing quickly through the book – full of examples and plentiful research on the topic of digital marketing and can’t wait to start devouring it. More on the book will follow. The book (in Bulgarian) can be ordered online.