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The 1,000th comment here

November 18, 2011

Following fellow-blogger Mike Ramm’s best practice to give a gift on the occasion of any thousandth comment in his blog, as the 1,000th comment in my blog was posted today, a small diary will go to Orlin Baev as a gift– to keep track of time (the 1,000th comment posted In Time). Congratulations! And thanks to all surfers by!

1,000 comments and counting ...

In Time

November 18, 2011

In Time” – a fantasy movie which somehow at some levels though is not that far from reality in terms of time/money allegory. Time as money. Time as the ultimate and only currency. At 25 people stop aging, but are programmed to live only one more year. Living forever or day-to-day. Wasting one’s or someone else’s time. A movie that raises several controversial issues.