Social Media Tools

November 11, 2011

Every year my library enriches with another book by Justine Toms. Her latest – “Social Media Tools” – in co-authorship with Kamelia Georgieva – was launched tonight – on the remarkable date 11/11/11.

I couldn’t help browsing quickly through the book – full of examples and plentiful research on the topic of digital marketing and can’t wait to start devouring it. More on the book will follow. The book (in Bulgarian) can be ordered online.


4 Responses to “Social Media Tools”

  1. J. Toms Says:

    Thank you, Rayna, for your kind words and for sharing the evening with us! Good friends are part of the inspiration! Love!

  2. Rayna Says:

    Pleasure was all mine, Justine. Thanks for the invitation! And cheers to many more books on online topics!

  3. Mike Ramm Says:

    The book was necessary for the Bulgarian market and it is helpful for the people discovering the social networks. Unfortunately, it should be read fast because every day the things in the social world change 🙂

  4. Rayna Says:

    You are right, Mike. For better or for worse things in the social world change rapidly.

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